• Dipterocarpus spp.


  • keruing

    The standard name for the timber of Dipterocarpus spp. (Dipterocarpaceae). Vernacular names applied include keruing (Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak) with various epithets, as well as other localised names which are too numerous to list here. The most commonly met species include D. elongatus, D. baudii, D. chartaceus, D. confertus, D. concavus, D. cornutus, D. costatus, D. crinitus, D. dyeri, D. gracilis, D. grandiflorus, D. kerrii, D. kunstleri, D. lowii, D. obtusifolius, D. rotundifolius, D. sublamellatus and D. verrucosus. The sapwood is lighter in colour than the heartwood and is invariably with a tinge of grey. The heartwood is red-brown to purple-red and darkens on exposure. The surface of the timber may be rather resinous and sticky when handled. Keruings that are believed to give the best yield of oleo-resin are D. cornutus, D. crinitus, D. grandiflorus, D. hasseltii and D. kerrii. In Thailand, D. alatus is the best known producer of this product.


    Also known as Keruing (Brunei); Khlong and Thbaeng (Cambodia); Gurjan (India); Keruing, Kerup, Lagan and Tempudau (Indonesia); Mai nyang, Mai kung, Mai sat, Muak and Nha:ng (Laos); Eng, In, Kanyin and Kayin (Myanmar); Apitong and Panau (Philippines); Hora (Sri Lanka); and Heng, Hiang , Hieng, Plung, Yang, Yang-khon, Yang-na and Yang-pai (Thailand).


    It is a Medium Hardwood with a density of 690-945 kg/m3

    natural durability

    The timber (depending on the species) is moderately durable to non-durable under exposed conditions in the tropics.

    preservative treatment

    It is very easily treated with preservatives.

    machining properties

    The timber of some species is easy to work, while that of others is moderately easy and some species are classified as slightly difficult. Planing is easy to slightly difficult and the finish is generally smooth.


    This timber is suitable for heavy construction, posts, beams, joists, rafters, ship and boat building (keels, keelsons and framework), vehicle bodies (framework, floor boards and planking), container flooring and when treated, suitable for railway sleepers, harbour works, bridges, power-line poles and telegraph poles.

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